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 Amitakh Stanford Overview 

Amitakh Stanford – Walk In

amitakh stanford 1 132Amitakh Stanford is a self-described "Walk In". (See bio on next tab.)

Whatever the source, she puts forth information and ideas about the astral world that 'make sense'.

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About Amitakh Stanford

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers). I am an extraterrestrial being - code name - Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a "walk-in".  One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being - code name - Ikluk.

The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings.  The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has "re-incarnated" on Earth many times over millennia.

He has taken on many identities, such as:
     ■ Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses)
     ■ John the Baptist
     ■ Kirok
     ■ King Arthur
     ■ Hitler
     ■ In his current "incarnation" he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as
        Joseph Chiappalone.

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As noted above, this section is under construction.

Numerous excerpts are reposted here, without any editorial comment.

When time allows, editorial comments may be added later.

Readers are encouraged to read the original postings at the links provided.

  The After-Death       From: Homeless Souls
Homeless Souls, Chapter 16 ♦ The After-Death
ascension 01 250
[Intergalactic Advocate Bob]

In chapter 16, Amitakh Stanford examines the After-Death
The chapter begins,

  • quote small leftWhen plants die, new ones sprout. Human beings are born to replace older generations. Thus is the cycle of life. We are told that life goes on, and that without death, there would be no birth.
         ■ This would seem to be true when considering life as it appears around us.
  •      ■ Some argue that the yearning to live forever falsely lures people into believing that there is an afterlife.
         ■ Others reason that because it is heartbreaking to think they will never again meet those they have loved and lost (including pets), the concept of an afterlife is a comforting belief to carry.
  •      ■ There are those who do not believe in the existence of consciousness, let alone an afterlife. They attribure all gut feelings, beliefs and unexplained powerful emotions to chemical reactions or mathematical equations that they think can be proven by science.
         ■ Some people who believe in life after death do so through a gut feeling that scientists will attempt to explain away as a product of their genes.
         ■ Whilst those who have had a near-death experience (NDE) are convinced that there is life after death, be it hellish or positive.
  •      ■ Indeed, there is experiential proof of survival after death, but science has created a scientific method that negates the possibility of proving this to its satisfaction. Researchers of NDE try to explain it away as aberrations of chemisrry in the brain.quote small right
The Bardo State


  • quote small leftWhat science rejects, religion has embraced.
         ■ The Mandaelan Tractates describe a 42-day journey of the soul afrer death.
         ■ While Buddhists believe that after death the soul goes through a 49-day episode.
         ■ Hindus and Buddhists believe that if they think of Krishna and Buddha respectively at their moment of death, it will help them positively in their next incarnation.
  •      ■ Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and other faiths make reference to judgement day.
         ■ In Tibetan Buddhism me dead are judged in the bardo or intermediate state of the after-world.
         ■ The Christian version has Saint Michael holding the scales to judge people's souls as worthy of Heaven or Hell.
         ■ Even non believers, agnostics and atheists have moments of positive thoughts for the dead, which work very much like prayers in assisting the dead as they make the transition from this life to the next.
         ■ However, much of the ritual surrounding funerals is more to assist the living and help them achieve closure.quote small right
As Above, So Below


  • quote small leftThe spirits of the departed are all fundamentally similar, even though their nationality, culture, religion and social status may have differed when they were alive.
         ■ Their dispositions are basically the same as those of living beings - they worry about their friends and loved ones, they can become confused, angry, hateful and vindictive or frightened.
         ■ Occasionally, some are even happy.
         ■ Like the living, they all have their own issues, depending on what kind of life may had and how they died, whether they were unjustly treated, hurt or unhappy, whether they died peacefully or traumatically.
         ■ In short, a sample of spirits is not unlike a sample of living people.quote small right
Lost Souls


  • quote small leftI have seen places in which the deceased of traumatic events still hang around.
         ■ These spirits are sometimes known as lost souls.
         ■ Whilst in some instances these souls are so confused that they are unaware they are dead.
         ■ Some know very well that they have died, but they either refuse to move to the astral or do not know how to get there.
         ■ Some stay behind because they are worried about others.
         ■ Whilst some are continually pulled back to the physical by strong ties and the thoughts of those they have left behind.quote small right
Astral World Bureaucracy


  • quote small leftThe astral is administered and run by beings who are just like workers on Earth. The administrators and workers can be efficient and sincere, or they can be sloppy, careless and lazy. Due to the latter, many spirits who are due to be admitted to the astral world are lost. The forgotten ones are often left in the cold zone. When there are unexpected deaths, the spirits are misplaced more frequently.quote small right
The Wachowskis' Portrayal of Ascension

A brief aside.

Three clips from Jupiter Ascending gives another take on the Astral World Bureaucracy

(Click icon in lower right corner of video to view full screen.)

Habits, Religions, Beliefs and Personalities


  • quote small leftAlthough it is customary for loved ones to be waiting to welcome the recently deceased to the spirit world, this does not always happen, because not all spirits go to the same virtual reality of the astral world. People continue with their habits, religions, beliefs and personalities, even though they have lost much of their memories. Muslims will tend to gather with other Muslims; Christians will still attend church, like they did on Earth; those who believe in the happy hunting ground will go there.quote small right
Crown Chakra


  • quote small leftAt the moment of death, the spirit or consciousness of the person usually leaves via the crown centre (chakra) ar the top of the head, which is the least traumatic form of exit. However, one can exit through any of the centres of consciousness. Often the consciousness takes a few hours to gradually move upwards before finally exiting through the crown. The dying person can see a light a short distance in front of them, and can feel a final pull while exiting. The feeling of exiting is exhilarating as one is set free from the physical body. There is a sense of liberation. However, in cases where there is a sudden death due to accident or trauma, the exit can be rough and occur through any of the etheric energy centres. This can sometimes cause severe disorientation or trauma to the spirit of the deceased.quote small right
A Complex Place Full of Sublle Entrapment


  • quote small leftAs touched on earlier, the astral world is a complex place full of subtle entrapment just like the situation here in this physical world. In one sense, it is far more deceptive than the physical dimension. No one is wiser just because they are from the spirit world; do not let them dictate to you. Ghosts do not know any more about the Great Mystery than do living people, and alien ghosts are not any wiser than their human counterparts. They are just as confused and ignorant about the issues.
  •    In the astral world, one is subjected to the astral laws, and one soon learns that everything is based on thoughts. Many who claim to know the astral world well are not aware that there is a tight-knit conspiracy to deceive the inhabitanrs of the astral. They are not aware that even the so-called guides and good spirits in the astral can be controlled, manipulated and deceived just like those in the physical world can be deceived and manipulated. For instance, astral inhabitants are deceived into thinking that they have a choice as to who their parents will be, and the place, time and culture of their birth in their next incarnation.quote small right
Deep Sleep


  • quote small leftUsually, a person entering the astral world after physical death will first enter into a deep sleep, after which they resume their new life in the astral world. Note that this is not the normal, day-to-day sleep of the astral world. It is a sleep whereby new anivals are stripped of much of the knowledge acquired rhroughout their physical lifetime, and during which they are imprinted with false memories and various types of brainwashing. Whilst occupants of the astral world do not have physical brains they retain some memories in their consciousness until these, too, are stripped from them just before rebirth.
  •    Upon awakening, some entrants sense something is not right. They can tell that it is not Heaven, even though they are led to believe that it is. The majority of astral world residents, however, are gullible, and remain oblivious to the ugly truth behind the workings of the realm. Even the sincere ones can be convinced that they are helping others by promoting what they have been told is good for themselves and others in the astral world. This is how deep the illusions and the deceptions are. In many ways, the illusions are harder for astral residents to see through because the natural laws in that realm are even more driven by magical properties.quote small right
Falsehood and Deception


  • quote small leftAmongst this range of deceptions is a false sense of freedom, contentment and bliss. Everything looks harmonious, beautiful, clean, spiritual and pure in the higher levels of the astral world, but this is only illusory, and, predictably, at certain levels there are the pseudo or mock timeless realms. Beings, including sincere astral teachers and helpers, are deceived into believing and trusting that they have reached the real timeless realm, when, in fact, what they have reached and experienced is mock timelessness, which is another trap to keep beings ignorant. Again, this shows the extent of falsehood and deception that keeps beings from awakening to the truth.
  •    It has often been reported that people who are about to die tell their families and loved ones that the light has come for them; some say they hear beautiful music. They also report bedside visitations by deceased family members or friends. Most of them are happy to see the light, but some are frightened by the sounds they hear for the few hours preceding their death, which are like a low humming or cracking noise going on and off. These people are not hallucinating; these things can happen just before exit from the physical. The cracking or humming noise is not unlike the sound coming from an electrical appliance when the plug is not fully inserted into the power point, because the consciousness of the dying person is disconnecting from the grid surrounding the Earth, and that grid is very much like an electrical power supply. The cracking is a symptom of disconnection and break down of the system, like when a television screen fills with a bunch of cubes momentarily before returning to the illusion of moving pictures on the screen. This humming sound can become quite loud when there are a multirude of simultaneous deaths, as occurs during war or a bombing, and in some cases can be heard by people around the world.quote small right
The Consciousness Lives On


  • quote small leftNot all lights are the same. Some lights are the result of emanations from the force fields of beings from other times and space. Mischievous spirits in the astral world can also mimic the light that sometimes appears to people who have a near-death experience. This is why people are sometimes warned not to go into the light, but to return to their body instead. Usually the light is artificial; occasionally it is from the Divine.quote small right

  • quote small leftDeath does not end one's journey. It only changes the surroundings and the form of existence. Once the body loses its consciousness it begins to decay, but the consciousness lives on.quote small right

Amitakh Stanford

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The New Species

The New Species

  The New Species       From: Image Source On March 12, 2015 Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, "The New Species". It is very brief – approximately 550 words. As she expressively forbids reposting of her work, only a few excerpts are used here. Read the full article HERE. In this writeup, Ms. Stanford begins, Britain and the United States are openly involved with the production of three-parent babies via gene splicing and IVF, purportedly to avoid certain types of congenital defects.



To Sleep or Not to Sleep

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

  To Sleep or Not to Sleep       From: Homeless Souls [Image Source] In chapter 13, Amitakh Stanford examines sleeping and dreaming while sleeping.The chapter begins, Everyone has entered the astral world many times. It is where we travel in our astral body after we fall asleep. It is not a foreign or distant land, and although it is a place people are very familiar with, they cannot remember much about it.Each time a person goes to sleep, it is like having a taste of death, except that the person returns to the physical when they awaken.



Cosmic Craziness

Cosmic Craziness

  Cosmic Craziness       From: Homeless Souls In chapter 15, Amitakh Stanford gives more details about the Astral Worlds.The chapter begins, The astral world is more man just the place we visit during sleep. It is a realm where consciousnesses reside after they have dropped the physical body. For those who have heard of the astral world, they probably only think about the astral world that interacts with the Earth and its inhabitants. However, it might surprise many to know that there is more than one astral world.



The After-Death

The After-Death

  The After-Death       From: Homeless Souls [Intergalactic Advocate Bob] In chapter 16, Amitakh Stanford examines the After-DeathThe chapter begins, When plants die, new ones sprout. Human beings are born to replace older generations. Thus is the cycle of life. We are told that life goes on, and that without death, there would be no birth. This would seem to be true when considering life as it appears around us.



Of Two Minds

Of Two Minds

  Of Two Minds       From: Homeless Souls [Image Source] In chapter 20, Amitakh Stanford examines the mind-brain problem. The chapter begins, The human brain remains an enigma to researchers. It is generally accepted that the brain is the instrument that drives the body, whilst the mind is concerned with processing lhe information that is received by receplors and passed to the central nervous system. However, this is just a physical observation and interpretation of the workings of the brain. The mind is very different to the brain. It is almost impossible to separate the mind from the brain, which is perhaps why the terms are so often used...



Spirit Takes a Trip

Spirit Takes a Trip

  Spirit Takes a Trip       From: Homeless Souls In chapter 21, Amitakh Stanford examines after-death. The chapter begins, The fear of death terrifies most people, to me extent of numbing those that are dying. It saddens their loved ones, whilst reminding them that they, too, will die one day. The loss of a loved one, be they a person or pet, hurts deeply, and leaves an emptiness.





  Deliverance       From: Homeless Souls In chapter 22, Amitakh Stanford examines Deliverance  The chapter begins, Nobody has all the truth, although some have more knowledge of it than others. If one can help contribute even a little bit of the truth, its power will swell, and the illusions maintained by ignorance will begin to weaken. But, many people, because of selfishness and ego, will not share their knowledge, or deliberately deceive for personal gain. We can come closer to comprehending what for centuries has been regarded as the Great Mystery, by first realising that the world in which we live is a virtual reality within the...