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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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  Gaian Army for $50k       by: Tony Lutz
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The impetus for this post came to me about a week after reading an update email from the Philippines Addicts forum. It had the following headline and link (among others).

What do with $50K in Angeles City?

Initially, I gave it no thought, seeing it as yet another competition for how to have the best time bonking many girls. Later was the idea to submit a reply to that topic on the forum, which would be an outline for Gaian Army for $50k.

I gave that idea more than just a little thought, pieces of which can be found throughout the Gaian Corps website (see here, here, and here). Also, I spent a lot of time thinking about the previous attempt, and what to do differently the next time.

Reason in AC

Then in the classified section of the May 2012 Blue Book appeared an ad announcing the formation of a book club / discussion group.

At the first meeting, one of the guys present asked me about the Gaian Army, to which I gave a brief reply about my earlier attempt (in the form of the Cyber Care Café in 2010). The Cyber Care Café was an earlier rendition of the Gaian Army – a low budget program tailored to young, attractive and intelligent Pinays and designed to appeal to older guys libido as a means to raise startup capital for an Urban Agriculture business venture.

Thus, the formation of Reason in AC combined with its first meeting's query about the Gaian Army becomes the second impetus for continuing to develop this post (Gaian Army for $50k).

I had developed a very basic (rough draft of a) business plan for the Cyber Care Café, and this post is the beginning of an update to that basic business plan, but formatted for the Gaian Army.

The Bucket List

(The Bucket List)

Not saying I have a medically diagnosed terminal condition as in the movie, but I am becoming more and more cognizant of the fewer and fewer years I have remaining.

From: The One Thing: Prioritizing and choosing what’s truly important over what feels important at the moment

  • … in the end, on your deathbed, or when you’re in the doctor’s office being given the test results and told that you have a stage IV cancer, what will matter most then?
  • That you kept a tidy home?
  • There is an art in life to letting slide that which truly does not matter. (“No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.” – from the motion picture “Fight Club“)
  • There is an art in life to decluttering our own minds and getting down to what is most essential. Feng Shui doesn't mean shit — it’s just another distraction, another of the “many things”; the real battleground is inside our own minds; that’s where the real Feng Shui and interior redecorating and de-cluttering needs to take place.
  • It doesn't matter how the rooms in our house are arranged, what matters is how much attention we’re paying to our own thinking from moment to moment — how observant we are of it versus how often we’re just blindly acting out on it and on our impulses and feelings.
  • … we’re all, to a greater or lesser extent, living in denial of our own mortality; we all have avoidant and escapist tendencies; we all piss away time every day doing stuff that ultimately and even much less ultimately does not matter; we’re all prone to lose perspective and sweat the small stuff;
  • … A good day for the ego is a bad day for the soul.  A day misspent by not beginning it by beginning with the end in mind, a day misspent not reading or writing something of substance and not connecting with our deepest self … is a great day for the ego and its denial and avoidance and distraction mechanisms, and a bad day for the soul

I retired to Angeles primarily because of the many available young girls. The Gaian Army the means to find and then associate with a few of these available young girls in a constructive, mutually rewarding and forward-looking way. Beginning with a squad (12 girls, 4 guys) as a beta-test of the concept. (Oh, and $50k won't cut it, so this scenario gets bank-rolled with $100k.)

Team Recruitment

Job Requirements:

Girls     Guys

18-21 years old


16-21 years old

Physically fit


Physically fit

High school graduate


High school graduate (preferred)

No kids


No kids

Fluent English speaker


Fluent English speaker




Inquisitive mind


Inquisitive mind

Receptive to new ideas


Receptive to new idea


Other General Job Requirements

•  Live-In only, not a day job.

•  Abidance to Performance Standards  (to be determined)

•  Compliance to Rules & Regulations  (to be determined)

•  No Sex, Drugs or Alcohol on Campus!  (rock&roll is ok)

•  Only Gaian Army on Campus without prior permission

•  Others?

Compensation & Benefits

•  Minimum wage

•  Free room & board

•  Free medical insurance


Possible future benefits:

•  Employee ownership
•  Profit sharing
•  Alternative retirement benefits
Job Descriptions
Daily schedule – GIRLS

— (4) hrs. work, (4) hrs. study, (2) hrs. practice, (2) hrs. chores – 6 days per week.

Daily schedule – GUYS

— (7) hrs. work/study, (2) hrs. practice, (3) hrs. chores – 6 days per week

Job Descriptions


  • Online in video chat
  • Create content
  • Market research
  • Outreach & Community Service


  • Follow and study the lesson plan online at Gaian Corps


  • Daily team meetings
  • Daily team exercises


  • Household duties, including food prep. cleaning and maintenance
  • Gardening tasks

Guy–Work Study

  • Guard Duty
  • Follow and study the lesson plan online at Gaian Corps


  • Daily team meetings
  • Daily team exercises


  • Household duties, including food prep. cleaning and maintenance
  • Gardening tasks
Estimated Costs

Back of envelope wage & benefit expense for 12 months:

Payroll & P/R Taxes

■ (16) volunteers X (6) days/week = 96 work days per week

■ (96) work days per week X 300 Peso / work day (minimum wage?) = P 28,800 per week

■ 28,800 X 30% (taxes and fees) = P 8,640 per week

■ Total weekly payroll & taxes = P 37,440

Total annual payroll & taxes = P 1,946,880  ($46,354)


Medical Benefits Costs

■ Blue Cross – Select Standard Annual Premiums: (In-Patient & Emergency) = P 5,927 for age 21-40

Total annual costs for (16) =94,832 ($2,258)

Room & Board Costs

■ Rent of house = P50,000 / month
     Annual costs = P 600,000

■ Utility costs = 15,000 / month
     Annual costs = P 180,000

■ Food costs = P 2,500 per day X 7 days per week = P 17,5000 per week
     Annual costs = P 910,000

■ Miscellaneous expenses?  = 9,000 per week
     Annual costs =  P 468,000


Total annual payroll & taxes =        1,946,880
Total annual medical insurance =       94,832
Total annual rent expense =             600,000
Total annual utility expense =           180,000
Total annual food expense =            910,000
Total annual misc. expense =           468,000

Total annual expense  =  P 4,199,712  ($99,993)

  • P 4,199,712 @ $40/oz =   2500 oz
  • P 4,199,712 @ $50/oz =   2000 oz
  • P 4,199,712 @ $100/oz =   1000 oz
  • P 4,199,712 @ $500/oz =   200 oz
The Plan

  “The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  – Socrates


Psychological development


Hands on experience

  • Business management
  • Internet Technology
  • Greenhouse / hydroponic food production

Warriors, or warrior travelers, are people who pursue breakthroughs in personal awareness.  They are impeccable men and women who give their best at all times.  In a deeper sense of impeccability, they are exquisitely aware that we are all going to die, and thus they bring a vibrant appreciation and value to every moment.  Even though they are not at all morbid but, in fact, indifferent to death, warriors are keenly aware of the short time we have on earth.  Knowing they have no time to waste, they come alive now, joyful, unencumbered, humble and alert. (link)

Our emergence requires that we sustain our poise, embracing life no matter what is happening. When we live in the sublime state of sustained poise, we are present, connected, grateful, creative and light-hearted. Our cup is filled to the brim, as Carlos Castaneda said, and anything you give us is more than we can take.
. . . We can be poised participants in an emergent universe. (link)

From: Leadership coach outlines benefits of maintaining state of poise in life

Gary Stokes’s “Poise: A Warrior’s Guide” (ISBN 0615534732) reveals the nature of poise and the benefits any person can receive from sustaining that state. Stokes believes poise is the state of a warrior traveler, a seeker who is fully aware of how little time we have on earth. Stokes charts a path toward this state of consciousness that will help individuals get the most out of life.

This book highlights how sustained poise brings both pleasure and practical advantage. Stokes says that, when poised, we are fully present in our environment, glad to be alive. Balanced and composed, we are able to draw all that is pleasurable from any situation. Poised, we are able to be connected, grateful, creative and light-hearted, no matter what is happening. The book positions poise as the ultimate cool: attractive and sane.

Conversely, Stokes examines the great costs to us when we lose our poise. He says we make mistakes, our judgment is distorted and we make bad decisions. Our enjoyment of life is diminished and worse still, our potential evaporates temporarily or even permanently as we lose access to our love. Failing to sustain poise, Stokes says, we remain trapped in a limited life, circling in an eddy, going nowhere, stuck in a universal pattern of negative thinking and behavior.

Rich with examples, the book provides strategies for sustaining poise. Stokes explains how to let go of the bad explanations that cause us to lose our poise and learn how to develop good explanations that set us free to flow into every life opportunity and become “warriors” – men and women who are the epitome of poise.

From: Time and Initiative

. . . The law of process, it will be recalled, provides a new aspect of time: timing.  Timing consists of making one process available to the needs of another process. Human self-perfecting lies in the opportunity to participate consciously in matters of timing. Participation is given by poise. Poise is an attentive pause during which one's powers of action are gathered prior to entry into the fray. The dancer achieves the moment of poise in order to override automatic movements of her body. When poise is absent, mechanical and habitual patterns of locomotion determine what takes place. The dancer's body, rather than her intentions, governs movement. Habit accomplishes the limited aim of crossing from point A to point B. But the possibility of serving a higher aim is a seed concealed in locomotion.  . . .

 . . . There can be no doubt as to the cosmic usefulness of conscious management of timing, or poise. But for humanity itself?  It is precisely in this direction that humanity's hope for self-perfection lies. Timing provides humanity with a rich field for initiative. To exercise the attention in such a way that, like the dancer, one enters into action poised and collected is to acquire what Gurdjieff calls "individual Reason."  Consciousness is the way of recovering one's own center and its relation to the center of All. Conscious participation in the timing of one's acts is related to what Gurdjieff calls "being-Partkdolg-duty."   By its undertaking, one assists in "the administration of the enlarging World," enriching an upward current of energy that stabilizes the hub of creation. Without human assistance, the great chain of being is broken at the weal link where humanity exists.

Theories which lack an inner dimension of time are profoundly pessimistic. Humanity is not more than another cog within the mechanism of cosmic equilibrium. To truncate the time-possibilities is to neglect the "two-naturedness" of humanity. Human beings can be more than unknowing subjects of universal law. They can, on rare occasions, be agents of prime law itself. The new station belongs to "relatively independent existences" and requires individual awareness in high degree. By deep affirmation of one's place, one gains a measure of freedom from inherited and acquired factors of limitations, refusal, and despair, factors that annul an effort of being and leave one subject to the woes of entropic time. A wholehearted embrace of the struggle for poise is the recovery of a dimension of human initiative. It is the unveiling of what one really intends to do and to be – the discovery of which can take place only in and through creative time. The lived understanding of timely action fulfills humanity's dual nature. Timeliness uplifts humans from the gravity of earthly existence to the divine task of renewing the cosmos through renewal of self.

Five Strivings

"All the beings of this planet then began to work in order to have in their consciousness this Divine function of genuine conscience, and for this purpose, as everywhere in the Universe, they transubstantiated in themselves what are called the 'being-obligolnian-strivings' which consist of the following five, namely:

  1. "The first striving: to have in their ordinary being-existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body.
  2. "The second striving: to have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being.
  3. "The third: the conscious striving to know ever more and more about the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.
  4. "The fourth: the striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly as possible, in order afterward to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our COMMON FATHER.
  5. "And the fifth: the striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred 'Martfotai,' that is, up to the degree of self-individuality.

(G.I. Gurdjieff – Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, p. 385-386)

Education & Training


Alternative world history

The Secret History Of The World And How To Get Out Alive - Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Current global political / economic / sociological state of affairs

Blog Watch


The Excavator

September 11, 2001 — The defining event of the 21st century

9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera  —  video 07 - The Key

All You Need to Know about 9/11

9/11 Is the Litmus Test

 The Matrix

3D World – Deception-Division-Domination

The Story of Your Enslavement

The Handbook of Human Ownership





Team Building & Dynamics

Community Service



Hands on experience

Business management

Human Relations

Business Planning

Marketing & Sales

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Tax & Government Compliance



Internet Technology

Photography, Video Production & Digital Editing

Website Development & Maintenance

Journalism & Internet Blogging



Greenhouse - hydroponic food production

Preparing a garden for planting

Giving plants what they need

Growing high value vegetables

Growing herbs and spices

Growing flowers




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