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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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  Debt of Existence   
debt of existence 309

From: JG Bennett website – by Ben Hitchner

My experiences with wonderful Teachers, John Bennett and Joseph Rael. Beautiful Painted Arrow contributed to the derivatives of this paper.

Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga from the Hindu knowledge of cosmic cycles has this a dark time of reduced spirituality and progressive materialization.

Civilization especially in the West has rendered an enlightened view of materialism but left obscured the spiritualization of existence.

Revealing information and teachings have now come forth in the crisis of the ending of the Kali Yuga long-term cycle.


It’s obvious this is a time of crisis. John Bennett in a 1972 London talk said, “Everyone can see that a world is dying and a new world has to be born.” Indigenous peoples have knowledge of cosmic cycles, and acute prophetic perceptions. Several examples of reports taken from Mayan, Hopi, Cree and Mohawk prophecies are as follows: A Mayan view sees a coming shift to a unity of consciousness from the duality of separateness. The Hopi recognized a spiritual conflict with materialism rendering considerable destruction. The Cree saw an oncoming destruction of the earth through greed and corruption, which will be aided in reconstructed by the knowledge of Indian peoples. The Mohawks were aware that the European transplanted authoritative hierarchical system would violate the open promises of the new land of the ‘Americas.’ Self organizing movements are now occurring that replace dependence on authoritative leadership.

This time of crisis is a time of overall system change. A time of cosmic change is more fundamental than the usual roller coaster of economic cycles. Political efforts to restore the economic old order will fail. Excessive debt is the death-bell of the old system. Civilization’s rampant empiric conquests and the unlimited use of the earth to satisfy greedy human wants are descriptive facts of the Kali Yuga.

In the change from indigenous tribe to civilization, there was a loss of intuitive knowing of nature and a gain in the objectivity of the outer resulting in an increased separation of people from nature and each other. Some of the knowing of debt of existence was lost. Bennett formulated an epochal history that corresponds to the Kali Yuga, which also corresponds to the above mentioned indigenous peoples prophecies. He termed the time 550 BC-1850 AD Megalanthropic that means a period of human greatness.

However, the intent to generate human greatness went off track and the era has been characterized by centered value on the human person to use the earth for human purposes. It led over time to the increasing sentiment of humanism, which centered values on human wants, rights, and power. Belief in humanism contributed to the creation of modern economies of mass consumption and exploding population.

Synergism was a seventeenth century theological doctrine calling for humans to cooperate with divine grace for purification. Bennett making synergism a bit more secular saw it as the epoch following the Megalanthropic. Synergism places a value and task for humans to cooperate for the good of the whole, a reconciled action requiring parts to support the whole. Synergism values diversity for the creation of a system of harmonious working entities. It implies limitation on the tendency for humans to always take for self, and a shift to giving. Human energy when synthesized turns from a clockwise running down flow into a counter clockwise ascending flow of creativity. The long-time clockwise flow is now turning to sustainable flows that will aid in the long-time work of the spiritualization of existence.

Financial Crisis

It is a telling symbol that the old world is ending with a financial collapse, which was preceded by a collapse of the World Trade Center. The globalization of the late twentieth century was a material linking of nations through trade and capital flows that benefited a financial elite of banks and investors all over the world. The world’s financial system has become a casino operation accentuating speculation with money for money by banks and investors. It has produced a high number of billionaires who don’t have links in providing needed goods and services. Finance is a peak attraction for people with analytical ability and risk taking capability to acquire monetary wealth quickly.

Money was born to function as a medium of exchange. Starting out as the artifice of a hand, money has now become its own opposite. It now functions as a God for creditors and debtors. The wise ancient, Aristotle warned that the artifice of money had seeds to become an illusory dupe. This deception was completed by the end of the twentieth century with the casting of billions of people into debt slavery while wealth had its highest concentration in the hands of few in the entire history of the world.

It is a common perception that great money wealth of a few is connected with the high debt of many. Sound money disappeared at the end of the Middle Ages with the establishment of a banking system. The quantity of money had been limited by the availability and production of a precious metal, which was stamped by spiritual authority. Banks emerged from the Goldsmith’s finding that paper claims could be issued in excess of gold holdings. Banking developed into a system capable of the expansion of the supply of paper money. In the creation of central banks, governments borrow from central banks adding to the debt of people.

If governments were responsible, they could issue and regulate paper money and not pay interest. Central banks are a root of modern debt slavery. Debt slavery begins in early civilization when land was taken and monopolized by greedy landowners. Those who did not get land became debtors in working the land possessed by others. Debt slavery became so rife in ancient times that royal decrees of debt forgiveness were made. Money interest was a moral anathema until it was approved in the time of the Protestant Reformation. Debt slavery, then originates from a wrongful relationship of people to land. Monetary assets are now the land forge of the billions of landless people. Humans need to attain a rightful relationship to land, if monetary assets are to be relegated to their appropriate placement.

Monetary Debt Slavery
debt slavery sm

Monetary wealth has the converse of monetary debt. The numbers of monetary wealth equals the numbers of monetary debt. This is because the banking system’s creation of money is debt based. Money expands via the sequential process of credit, loans, debt and money. A new dollar means a new dollar debt. In such a system debt has to be encouraged, promoted, considered a privilege, made a right, and deceptively associated as a way to material prosperity. Governments insure that creditors are protected. The deeply rooted sentiment in civilization toward debtors was abstracted by Shakespeare and described in his “Merchant of Venice.” If his debtor does not pay, Shylock will murder his debtor insisting on a pound of flesh. Shakespeare’s plays may be the work of a mystery school that left many teachings. In Hamlet, for example “neither a borrower nor a lender be.”

Debt slavery is a core feature of the Megalanthropic Era taking an increasing monetary form in last several hundred years. Debt slavery taking a monetary form has not been protested as human slavery was, nor has its morality been on a political agenda. The 2008 financial crisis informs that it’s time to end debt slavery. Monetary debt is toxic to billions of people causing millions to lose homes. Businesses can’t follow through with intended policies for quality in the production of goods or services because of rampant debt leveraging. High debt levels are now threatening the collapse of a number of governments.

Monetary debt slavery is as unacceptable as the classic human slavery that was based on legalized social power of one human over another human. Any forced activity of one over another is wrong because personal freedom of choice is the grounding of God given ‘free will.’ Debt slavery is unacceptable because it affects the freedom to choose to evolve spiritually. Fourth Way creator, Peter Ouspensky contributed to the psychological knowledge of how to open to spiritual evolution. The Fourth way focuses on changing conditions for aspirants. One must be free to choose personal transformation. Spiritual evolution begins with inspiration and the intent to ascend, climbing a ladder of revealing potentials. Intention requires a selfhood freedom combined with a material freedom to seek spiritual evolution.

Debt slavery binds one to material activity of jobs that conflict with the freedom to spiritually evolve. Work to worship can not be forced. If the self is not free of having to make money payments on overextended credit, it is not free to choose to contend with itself. Debt slavery feeds the heavy materialism of the Kali Yuga. It adds material burden generating a reality of economic scarcity, and prevents making personal changes to open manifold potentials. Debt slavery then stops attempts to climb the ladder of spiritual ascent. Debt slavery must end to clear the passageway of scarcity so that abundance can take its place in the emerging paradigm.

As Above so Below

If we take into account the aphorism, “as above so below,” the 2008 financial crisis suggests a physical plane phenomenon reflecting from above. The personal debt crisis and debt ridden failing households, businesses and governments is a mirror of our failure to pay the debt of existence. There are two forms of debt: man made money debt, and the debt of existence. The manipulation of money to advantage one over the other is unnatural and does not have to be. Existence debt is natural, should be because if we want to exist we have to pay. The payment goes to a creating plane of reality mysterious to most of us. The debt crisis is a communicating shock from that plane.

Three spellings in the word existence suggest out-there, I am, and complete. To exist must mean more than having a sensation of a body or an inner sensation about an experience. The order of any being depends on supports and the supported must support other beings in turn — reciprocal maintenance. We are in debt to supports and pay by supporting.

Old Paradigm

Paradigm is an undefined term, but implies a mental perspective of how we think with perceptions stemming in part from beliefs, myth, education and experience. We are not totally aware of all that directs our acceptance and non acceptance of facets in our daily choices and experiences. The term old paradigm is used to refer to the passing characteristics of the Megalanthropic Era. Old Paradigm describes what in this paper is cast as the ending of an old world. The mental patterns and behavior which created such destruction as wars and exploitation in the past several thousand years must end. The old paradigm envisioned the earth and its biosphere to be an inventory of objects for mankind’s use. The earth was seen a place created to serve the interests of mankind, and even to serve such interests as killing life for sport.

The belief in economic scarcity has championed rampant egoism, the pursuit of economic growth, and a view that a quantitative production of everything was good. It assumed that mental knowledge as a singular form would lead to truth, and progress could be made through technological application. The Old Paradigm undervalued risks of hazard, which in the humanism of the modern world placed God as a supreme power beyond the risk of hazard and undervalued the meaning of risk in scientific application by formulating it in terms of probabilities.

Paying the Debt of Existence
ten payments sm

To pay the debt of our existence is a core principle of the Fourth Way teaching. All that we are and have is given daily by our creator. The gift of life makes us a debtor for which we must continually pay. We pay not necessarily knowing we are doing this by transferring energies to cosmological entities such as the moon, earth, sun and beyond (see Baa Baa Black Sheep illustration).

Humans are a dynamo for transforming energies. We were created to be a bridge for spiritualizing life on earth. The earth needs the energies that only man can provide. When John Kirby spoke at Open Heart’s shrine dedication he distributed an illustration of this bridge as an abyss between the created world and the creating world. This abyss is the place and task of the human. He implied we have fallen into it. The created world, matter has resistances that in spirit are resolved through the evolutionary interaction of the above and below. When we become aware of and accept our status and work to be a medium between higher spiritual energies and the needs of the earth we rise to the stature of existence. To purify ourselves of illusion in order to ascend, we need to make debt payments realizing we are nothing of ourselves.

We have a choice of living in the matrix of debt slavery or paying the debt of existence, a choice enabling the heartfelt inspiration imaged in the divine feminine, Mary. The Way of Inspiration taught by Beautiful Painted Arrow is existence debt paying by doing ceremony, Sound Chamber chanting, sweat lodges, and ceremonial dancing (See illustration, Ten Payments Debt of Existence).

New Paradigm

A New Paradigm is emerging which will change how we perceive living on earth.

The New Paradigm (a new world) will bring abundance made by self imposed limitation on taking from the earth and paying the debt of existence. The motivation to constantly consume will be surmounted. This will change material production to be aligned with human, earth and cosmological need.

Accumulation will be seen as a burden and the motivation to give will grow. Sustainability in and of what is done will become the goal of organizations ending the material waste in economic growth. The upside down perspective of humanism, everything is for mankind, will be replaced by an understanding of reciprocal maintenance, and respected as the universal law of the cosmos. It will be a guide to human behavior.

Globalization will shift form complementing the growing web of material links with spiritual links that respect diversity and the spiritual equality of all peoples. Nations will form spiritual links that all humans are children of the earth, peace.

Psychostatic Society

Bennett’s notion that society is structured in three groups or levels of potential for spiritual transformation is useful as a note to the change in going from the old paradigm to the new paradigm. In regard to spiritual change Bennett identified what he termed psychostatic, psychokinetic, and psychoteleios groupings of peoples.

The lower and largest group, the psychostatic are not seeking spiritual change. They are content to be as they are and function to fulfill required job duties. This group orders and sustains the existing material world. They hold to conditioned beliefs and are mechanical being comfortable with accepted consensus values. They may play in power seeking motivated by the greed of egoism that created the characteristic distortions of the old paradigm.

Spiritually static people are dominated by security concerns and get stuck in a fear of the insecurities in changing patterns necessary to actualize spiritual potential. People in high positions of power and wealth are often psychostatic. The deepening prevalence of debt slavery is now an additional barrier in making the changes necessary for spiritual transformation.

A smaller psychokinetic group seeks transformation in what they are. They are more oriented toward soul development as compared to the mind development of psychostatic people. Psychokinetic people are into values and practices of paying the debt of existence. Seekers in process of spiritual change are often in difficult life conditions, and seek and need spiritual guidance.

The higher level, the Psychoteleios have gone beyond the threshold of illusory selfhood accessing guidance by higher intelligences, they often possess divine gifts. Psychoteleios people may be teachers who become especially active in times of crisis leading the way for evolutionary spiritual ascent.

In moving from the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm more people will be needed to move from psychostatic life to psychokinetic life. The Benedictine order changed the practice that monks in monastery isolation should move into servicing psychostatic society. Benedictine service was critical in restoring a quality of life in the falling Roman civilization. Today innovative technology weighs on psychostatic people to live in monetary debt slavery. Debt slavery has become a major influence deflecting the spiritual evolution necessary for the New Paradigm. Monetary debt slavery can be ended by paying the debt of existence (See illustration, Monetary Debt Slavery Suppresses the Emerging New Paradigm).

Baa Baa Black Sheep
black sheep sm

Mystery schools are the unknown source of many influences directing change in life on earth. The Way of Inspiration recently held mystery schools. Influences from mystery schools have been incorporated into the methodology of the Fourth Way. It is reported the school that produced the building of Gothic cathedrals in Europe also circulated the Nursery Rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep. Such tales often hold allegories of esoteric truths. White sheep are kept by a shepherd (moon) to produce wool and mutton. Black sheep seek to know what is going on beyond the taking for granted by white sheep that the shepherd is solely concerned with their benefit. The black sheep discovers white sheep wool (negative emotion) is sold for gold coins. Black sheep wool (solar energy?) is no good to the shepherd. White sheep disappear as mutton is taken by the shepherd. Black sheep escape the flock; we are not told know what happens to them. The metaphorical questions pertaining to black sheep wool are: Who is the master? Who is the dame? Who is the little boy who lives down the lane?

This paper asserts that monetary debt slavery is a white sheep condition? Paying the debt of existence is a black sheep activity?